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Wales Premiere
9 minutes
An entrepreneur stricken by electromagnetic hypersensitivity is compelled to speak out about her disability. Comfortable in the belief that technologies are safe, society prefers to remain naive. Her testimony challenges this blind trust.
Genres: Documentary and Reality, Biopic, Drama
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Remembering Nearfield
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A wife and entrepreneur devoted to her family and business tragically loses everything as her health mysteriously declines. Why is she now left alone and unable to function in society? She finds out the answer through a series of events and a final, uncomfortable diagnosis. Why is she crippled by a taboo disability that has surprisingly been reported for over 100 years? The weight of the stigma attached to this disability is shocking, as is the increasing reporting of the disability in the population. In this frank and revealing animated film about Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) we come to understand the human rights issues, the deep anxieties, the sense of vulnerability and search for remedy. We come face to face with a woman who is like everybody else, because she had thought it was “crazy” to develop sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. Her personal account of her disability reminds us we are all taking our chances surrounding ourselves with wireless radiation. This urgent story needs to be told, because there is little help or support from society for people with EHS. This film gives EHS a powerful voice and aims to catalyse positive awareness and social change. No-one should be excluded from society because of the nature of their disability.
Studio: SC Productions
Producers: Sean Alexander Carney
From: GB
Produced In: GB
Directors: Sean Alexander Carney
Writers: Corriëlle van VuurenSean Alexander Carney
Lead Actors: Corriëlle van VuurenKate Kheel

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