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World Premiere
8 minutes
Seeking: Julie Anne Moore Type
Genres: Comedy
Content Warnings: Mild Language, Misogyny, Rude Humor
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Beth, an up and coming actress seeks to have new photographs taken. When on set, she discovers that the team and the pretentious photographer, Lazarus Kirkwood, is not at all impressed with what she brings. Thinking fast, he replaces Beth with another model - wearing exactly the same clothes, with exactly the same hair, just slightly taller. Beth questions the rejection, but is then faced with her own self doubts presented through generations of disappointed sports fans, booing and cursing her out. Later that day, Beth's well to do friends smoke and drink, admiring her new shots. They, despite knowing her, cannot see that the photos that she has received are of the other model and believe that she has never looked better, praising the photographer's work. When finally returning home, Beth receives a phone call from a big shot in Hollywood. Having seen the same head-shot and believing that she has that star appeal, he urges her to come and make movies for the rest of her life
Studio: Join Holmes
Producers: Marcus Blue
From: GB
Produced In: GB
Directors: Jon Holmes
Writers: Jon Holmes
Lead Actors: Beth QuinnEsmee CookRianne BrittenJon HolmesEllis Deeney
Supporting Actors: Chris BowyerBarnaby BrookmanElena Maskell
Key Crew: Thomas BenoyJack ChapmanSimon GoreEllis Deeney

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